Opening Fall 2017

The GRAMMY Museum Experience™ Prudential Center is an interactive venue for Prudential Center visitors. It allows guests to explore the history of the GRAMMY Awards®, as well as give visitors of all ages the opportunity to be onstage and interact with every aspect of the music recording process.

With the privacy of headphones, visitors can play electric drums, keyboards, bass, and guitar; or sing along with Ray Charles and the Raelettes, the all-girl group who provided backup vocals for the legendary musician.

Visitors will get to experience a dynamic combination of public events, educational programming and engaging multimedia presentations. Interactive permanent and travelling exhibits will include Jersey-centric displays introducing visitors to the impact of the Garden State’s songwriters, producers, and musicians of the traditional and modern music landscape.


GRAMMY Museum Experience™ Prudential Center is coming to Newark!

Hear from Bob Santelli, Josh Harris, David Blitzer and Colin McConnell on what the GRAMMY Museum Experience™ Prudential Center means to the city of Newark.





Located on Mulberry Street adjacent to Prudential Center's VIP East entrance.


Roland® LIVE

Explore music-making through the eyes and ears of performing and recording artists with the innovative Roland LIVE.


Great GRAMMY® Performances

Relive some of the most memorable acceptance speeches and performance clips across more than 50 years of GRAMMY history.


Perform with Ray Charles and the Raelettes

Experience what it was like to sing with Ray Charles and his longtime backup singers, The Raelettes.


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