The voting process starts with registering to vote. Eligible voters must be a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years old on Election Day. In addition, states have residency requirements. For example, New Jersey requires you to be a resident of the state 30 days before the election. The following links will allow you to check your voting status and register to vote.
*Because of the pandemic, New Jersey is automatically mailing ballots to all voters



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Your Voice, Your Vote

Voting has its origins in the United States Constitution, which established how our new country would elect members of Congress. Today, voters are asked to choose representatives at all levels of government. In addition, voters are regularly asked to decide specific initiatives for their state or municipality.

Elected officials impact most aspects of our lives in one way or another. The people we elect to represent us determine everything from the taxes we pay and the conditions of our roads to the services provided to members of society. Voting is an easy way to make your voice heard and to be an active member of our democracy.

As an organization, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment encourages everyone to exercise their right to vote, and to be an actively engaged citizen. To help our fans and partners carry out their voting obligation, HBSE has created this civic engagement website, a one stop shopping resource for the upcoming election. We created this site to empower fans to be knowledgeable about the voting process and a variety of elements around the election.

No matter what side of the aisle you support or who you plan to cast your ballot for, Your Voice Is Loud. Go Vote.

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