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Area Bars & Restaurants

The Ainsworth

Sophisticated Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

It’s a happy, high-energy atmosphere where luxury is all about enjoying every moment to its fullest with friends, colleagues, and the people you meet while you’re there.

810 Broad Avenue, Newark, NJ

Redd’s Biergarten

Traditional German Beer Garden

220 Market St, Newark, NJ

Mercato Tomato Pie

Artisanal Coal Fired Pizza

212 Market Street, Newark, NJ

Novelty Burger & Bar

A classic American burger joint

214 Market Street, Newark, NJ

Noodle Shop & Bar

Bowls for the soul

218 Market Street, Newark, NJ

Concessions Guide

Trying to figure out where to eat before the game or show starts? Some of the best food around is right inside the Prudential Center. Use our concession guide to explore all of the delicious options available within the arena


Great Beer & Great Games

494 Broad St Suite 100, Newark, NJ

Chateau of Spain

Top Spanish Fare in Newark

11 Franklin St, Newark, NJ

Edison Ale House

Great Happy Hours & Apps

810 Broad Avenue, Newark, NJ

Hobby’s Deli

Historic Lower East Side Style Deli

32 Brandford Pl, Newark, NJ

Dinosaur BBQ

Southern Cooking Right in Newark

224 Market St, Newark NJ

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