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Staff Directory

Managing and Limited Partners

Managing Partner, New Jersey Devils & Founder, Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment

Josh Harris

Co-Managing Partner, New Jersey Devils & Founder, Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment

David Blitzer

Limited Partner

Adam Aron

Limited Partner

Martin Geller

Limited Partner

Travis Hennings

Limited Partner

Tony Ignaczak

Limited Partner

James Lassiter

Limited Partner

Marc Leder

Limited Partner

Michael Rubin

Limited Partners

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

Limited Partner

Art Wrubel

Senior Leadership

Chief Executive Officer/Alternate Governor, New Jersey Devils & Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Center

Scott O'Neil

President, New Jersey Devils & Prudential Center

Hugh Weber

Executive Vice President, General Manager/Alternate Governor, New Jersey Devils

Ray Shero

Executive Vice President & Prudential Center General Manager

Donna Daniels

Chief Revenue Officer, HBSE

Jake Reynolds

Chief Revenue Officer, Corporate Partnerships

Adam Davis

Executive Vice President, Investment & Strategy

David Abrams

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Martin Brodeur

Chief Financial Officer, HBSE

David Collins

Chief Technology Officer

Sasha Puric

Executive Vice President, Entertainment

Sean Saadeh

Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Brad Shron

Senior Vice President, Strategy

Gabe Harris

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Denise Krieg

Senior Administrator

Julie Secor

Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President/General Manager & Hockey Operations

Christine Garcia

Executive Assistant to the Chief Revenue Officer

Katie Bielskis

Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Business Development

Pat Maione


Seneida De Jesus

New Jersey Devils Hockey Operations

Assistant General Manager

Tom Fitzgerald

Senior Director, Player Personnel

Dan MacKinnon

Director, Hockey Administration

Marie Carnevale

Director, Hockey Finance

Kristin Farina

Coaching and Development

Head Coach

John Hynes

Assistant Coach

Alain Nasreddine

Assistant Coach

Rick Kowalsky

Assistant Coach

Mike Grier

Goaltending Coach

Roland Melanson

Video Coach

Mike Regan

Goaltending Development Coach

Scott Clemmensen

Player Development Coaches

Patrick Rissmiller, Eric Weinrich

Director, Player and Team Development

Dr. Aimee Kimball, PhD, CMPC

Manager, Player Information/Video

Scott Harris

Assistant, Player Information/Video

Kate Madigan


Jacques Laperriere


Head Athletic Trainer

Kevin Morley, MS, ATC

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Steve Ruhmel, MSEd, ATC, LMT

Head Physical Therapist / Sports Science Coordinator

Chris Stackpole, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Joe Lorincz

Massage Therapist

Brian Smith

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jonathan L. Glashow

Team Orthopedist

Dr. Michael Shindle

Sports Medicine Internist

Dr. Michael Farber

Head Equipment Manager

Chris Scoppetto

Assistant Equipment Managers

Andrew Schmidt, Nathan Belliveau, Brent Overkamp


Director, Amateur Scouting

Paul Castron

Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting

Gates Orlando

Amateur Scout

Ryan Breen

Amateur Scout

Glen Dirk

Amateur Scout

Joe Ferras

Amateur Scout

Scott Lachance

Amateur Scout

Jim Mill

Amateur Scout

Lew Mongelluzzo

Amateur Scout

Pierre Mondou

Amateur Scout

Lou Reycroft

Amateur Scout

Andy Schneider

Amateur Scout

Steve Smith

European Scout

Niklas Evertsson

European Scout

Andrey Plekhanov

European Scout

Misha Manchik

European Scout

Greg Royce

European Scout

Vaclav Slansky, Jr.

European Scout

Tom Sinisalo

Pro Scout

Peter Horachek

Pro Scout

Claude Noel

Pro Scout

Andre Savard

Pro Scout

Nick Vitucci

New Jersey Devils Hockey Communications

Vice President, Hockey Communications & Team Operations

Peter Albietz

Director, Player, Family and Alumni Initiatives

Corinne Weltman

Assistant, Hockey Operations & Communications

Scott Litwack

Assistant, Hockey Communications & Team Operations

Nick Blackman, Paige Godlewski

Assistant, Player, Family & Alumni Initiatives

Madison Shapiro

All-Access Host/Digital Reporter

Amanda Stein


Devils/WFAN Play-by-Play

Matt Loughlin

Devils/WFAN Color Analyst & Team Ambassador

Glenn “Chico” Resch

Binghamton Devils Coaching Staff (AHL)

Head Coach

Mark Dennehy

Assistant Coach

Sergei Brylin, Ryan Parent

Video Coach

Ian Greenwald

Binghamton Devils Hockey Staff (AHL)

Medical Trainer

Scott Stanhibel

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Stephen Volek

Head Equipment Manager

Brian Sersch

Assistant Equipment Manager

Chris Murphy

Corporate Partnerships

Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

Adam Cross

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

Owen Morin

Director, Corporate Partnerships

Ken Lisi

Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Brian Garie

Manager, Global Esports Partnerships

Jordan Bellar

Premium Partnerships

Vice President, Premium Sales

Jason Gonella

Senior Manager, Premium Sales

Rob Moran

Senior Manager, Premium Sales

Glenn Sperber

Manager, Premium Sales

Adam Berman

Manager, Premium Sales

Sean Burnette

Manager, Premium Sales

Matthew Laux

Manager, Premium Sales

John Lynch

Manager, Premium Sales

Sam Spector

Manager, Premium Sales

Matthew Yoder

Premium Service

Vice President, Premium Service

Natasha Moody

Director, Premium Service

Jason Romano

Senior Manager, Premium Service

Rachel Geruso

Manager, Premium Service

Casey Ferris

Marketing Partnerships

Senior Vice President, Marketing Partnerships

Chad Biggs

Vice President, Partnerships

Brittanie Boyd

Director, Marketing Partnerships

Ned Luke

Senior Manager, Marketing Partnerships

Jesse Abrams

Senior Manager, Marketing Partnerships

Alex Iosiovich

Manager, Marketing Partnerships

Marissa Drummond

Coordinator, Marketing Partnerships

Tim Bright

Business Solutions

Director, Business Solutions

Katie Eskin

Coordinator, Business Solutions

Lauren Laffey

Coordinator, Business Solutions

Murad Mansour

Ticket Sales and Service

Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service

Brian Norman

Senior Director, Ticket Sales and Service

Zack Robinson

Director, Group Events

Ben Pincus

Director, Ticket Sales

Leo Cardenas

Manager, Inside Sales

Gabriel Quintero

Manager, Inside Sales

Steve McMahon

Sales Associate

Taylor Brookes

Sales Associate

Sam Bruggemann

Sales Associate

John Carey

Sales Associate

Daniel Carrick

Sales Associate

Brandon Chudnoff

Sales Associate

Christian Delvecchio

Sales Associate

Rachel Dimaranan

Sales Associate

Matt Ditaranto

Sales Associate

Donnell Durant

Sales Associate

Nathan Glaster

Sales Associate

Michael Harris

Sales Associate

Matt Hoffman

Sales Associate

Marius Kola

Sales Associate

Kayla Mercado

Sales Associate

Chad Miller

Sales Associate

Andrew Miloser

Sales Associate

Tyler Peterson

Sales Associate

Matt Zubowski

Account Executive

Khalil Boggs

Account Executive

Cody Collins

Account Executive

Chris Daley

Account Executive

Andrew Graf

Account Executive

Jared Herlands

Account Executive

Cole Horan

Account Executive

Jacob Kaczynski

Account Executive

Joshua McCawley

Account Executive

Morgan Nadel

Account Executive

Robert Nanna

Account Executive

Steven Romano

Account Executive

Marshall Salem

Account Executive, Group Events

Samuel Burgasser

Account Executive, Group Events

Ryan Gottschalk

Account Executive, Group Events

Emily Jaworski

Account Executive, Group Events

Brady Katz

Account Executive, Group Events

Jessica Narciso

Account Executive, Group Events

Kevin Orcel

Account Executive, Group Events

Bridget O'Sullivan

Account Executive, Group Events

David Pingsterhaus

Account Executive, Group Events

Justin Ragone

Account Executive, Group Events

Jacob Schreiman

Account Executive, Group Events

Aaron Woods

Account Executive, Group Events

Cole Zimba

Coordinator, Ticket Sales & Service

Stephanie Santo

Account Manager, Member Services

Patrick Ayling

Account Manager, Member Services

Robert Brown

Account Manager, Member Services

Alyssa Leccese

Account Manager, Member Services

Darrell Scott

Account Manager, Member Services

Thomas Vilanova

Premium Account Manager, Member Services

Timothy O'Reilly

Coordinator, Member Services

Ashley Stallworth

Manager, Group Events, Prudential Center

Evan Ostrosky

Account Executive, Group Events, Prudential Center

Frank Carnevale

Account Executive, Group Events, Prudential Center

Kristin Johnson

Ticket Operations

Senior Director, Ticket Operations

Jose Gonzalez

Assistant Manager, Ticket Operations, Sports

Kim Capezza

Coordinator, Ticket Operations, Sports

Angelica Vidal

Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Collin Bravoco

Director, Ticket Operations, Events

Rick Katz

Senior Manager, Ticket Operations, Events

Lauren Lafayette

Senior Coordinator, Ticket Operations, Events

Patricia Shark

Entertainment Programming

Vice President, Entertainment Programming

Brian Gale

Director, Entertainment Booking

Starr Butler

Director, Entertainment Strategy

Asheel Kakkad

Manager, Entertainment Finance

David Merchant


Director, Entertainment Marketing

Michelle McCarthy

Manager, Entertainment Marketing

Jessica Pellettere

Web Designer

Kevin McMorrow

Web Designer

Mike Rich

Coordinator, Social Media

Sara Giles

Director, Marketing

Michael Soriano

Coordinator, Marketing

Caela McLoughlin

Coordinator, Marketing

Danielle Swarzman

Marketing and Operations Coordinator

Jalysa Wilson


Rick Haring


Senior Director, Corporate Communications

Lara Toscani Weems

Game Presentation

Director, Game Presentation & Event Production

Ben Broder

Manager, Game Presentation & Event Production

Joseph Kuchie

Associate Producer

Alexa Ikeler


Jon Lavengetto

Video & Graphics Producer, Game Presentation & Event Production

Seth Wozniak

Coordinator, Game Presentation & Event Production

Hannah Taylor

Content & Media Production

Senior Director, Content

Marc Ciampa

Director, Content Production

Sergio Camacho

Director, Content

Christopher Wescott

Shooter/Editor, Hockey Content

Christopher Williams


Senior Art Director

Lisa Curran

Graphic Designer

Eric Ng

Presentation Designer

Anielle Valencia

Junior Graphic Designer

Adam Collins

Community Investment and Grassroots

Vice President, Community Investment & Grassroots

Jeffrey Scott

Director, Community Investment & Grassroots

Aldo Pigna

Senior Manager, Grassroots

Kevin Fox

Manager, Community Investment

Rebecca Elber

Manager, Mascot Operations & Community Investment

Greg Cirrone

Coordinator, Grassroots

Thomas Dreisbach

Special Advisor

Jonathan Press

Facilities Management – Arena Operations, Event Operations, Facilities Integration

Senior Director, Arena Operations & Engineering

Alan Kashian

Manager, Arena Operations

Steven Sgro

Manager, Operations

Dean Brzuskiewicz

Manager, Parking Operations

Kito Sharpe

Manager, Conversions

Axel Dougar

Head Ice Technician

Bryan Bawiec

Ice Technician

David Roccanova

Loading Dock Manager

Sharnda Blackwell

Coordinator, RWJBarnabas Health Hockey House

Jason Verrico

Office Services Coordinator

Terrick Colvin

Facilites Administration Coordinator

John-Lucas Duffy

Ice Technician & Arena Operations Assistant

Kylie Stauble

Vice President, Event Operations & Guest Experience

Joseph Altenau

Senior Manager, Event Services

Angelica Shuhala

Senior Manager, Event Operations

Jamie Marino

Manager, Event Operations

Kyle Bahrle

Assistant Manager, Event Services

Kayla Reilly

Coordinator, Event Services

Samantha Ferris

Guest Services

Director, Guest Services

Dan Malandruccolo

Assistant Manager, Guest Services

Emily Sayre

Coordinator, Guest Services

Lanazah Murray

Information Technology

Senior Director, IT Systems & Infrastructure

Jeffrey Conaty

Network Engineer, Information Technology

Demin Yue

IT Systems and Infrastructure Engineer

Baldwin McIntosh

Technical Assistant, Information Technology

Antonio Da Silva


Vice President, Safety and Security

James Crann

Director, Safety and Security

Steven Wolcott

Manager, Safety and Security

Frank McVey

Assistant Security Manager

James Betts

Senior Security Officer

Salome Rock


Vice President, Controller

Nicole Armellino

Director, Finance

Michael Germann

Senior Manager, Finance

Peter Szilagyi

Senior Manager, Accounting Finance

Jasmine Yee

Senior Accountant, Accounting Finance

Katie Goode

Payroll Administrator

Zullyann Balbuena

Senior Staff Accountant

Jasmine Nunez

Staff Accountant

Dario Lambkin

Staff Accountant

Granit Ramadani

Financial Analyst

Erin Cashdollar

Legal and Government Relations

Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Executive Director Foundations

Jim Leonard

Vice President, Senior Counsel

Christine Steinberg

Associate Counsel

David Reid

Associate Counsel

Dana Seiden

Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources

Tyneeha Rivers

Manager, Human Resources

Janelle Vizzi

Coordinator, Human Resources

Amelia Seepaul

Senior Recruiter

Anthony Gutierrez

Business Operations

Senior Director, Business Operations

Allison Malecki

Assistant Manager, Business Operations

Christine Germaske

Coordinator, Business Operations

Kelly Smith

Director, Partner Services

Allison Levy

Grammy Museum Experience

Director, Artist Relations & Programming

Mark Conklin


Chief Executive Officer, Team Dignitas

Michael Prindiville

Vice President, Business Development, Team Dignitas

Maurice Eisenmann

Vice President, Partnerships

Chris Mann

Director of Media

Matthew Kline

Project Administrator

Khalil Hill

Our Partners

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